American Farmers

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May 31, 2007
A sentimental book, from my late father, titled "Farm Arc Welding" by V. J. Morford, illustrates some of the most ingenious welding projects from American farmers of the early fifties.
An era where cheap Chinese 'throw away' imports didn't exist, the arc welder was the 'farmers friend'. The book was sponsored by the Lincoln Arc Welding Foundation and Morford was a professor of the Depart. of Agricultural Engineering, in Iowa.
For example, a cement mixer, completely fabricated from automobile parts, by Edward Coulthard of Wyoming.

And a proud Iowan college student with his completed "Cord Wood Saw".

The book was a popular publication at the time, and revised regularly (1954-1961?). Hundreds of projects and farmers identities are depicted.

An extreme 'long' shot', but are there any descendants of these American farmers who contributed to these books all those years ago-'out there'? I would love to discuss the what/where/why with them.

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