Americans are not stupid

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I always wonder the same things, even so it's hard to imagine anyone who is not in custodial care giving such answers
Sometimes you do wonder. A fairly senior American executive was working with us for a few months and for a change of scene I took him to a Duxford air display. We were looking around the hangers and there was an early ejector seat and I explained that I can say from personal experience that it isn't the most comfortable seat around and he gave me a funny look.
The question came 'whats it for?', after I second I said thats its to let you escape from an aircraft that was in trouble. Then came the big question 'why do you need an ejector seat?'.

The second thing was he had been an anti Vietnam war protestor and had mentioned this a number of times. When we got to the B52 I mentioned that this was a plane he should have heard of. He claimed not to know what a B52 was ( I didn't mention the bomb markings on the side of the plane).
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That was both a good laugh,and somewhat scary... but the good news for America is that NONE of those interviewed have a hope in hell of being in a position of power.... :p :lol:
Wonder how many correct answers they had to edit out in order to get the footage they wanted.

I think not to many, because those reporters usually have experience, I mean to recognize 'victims':lol:. And US citizen don't have exceptional privilege on stupidity - this is from my country, Croatia, but without translation, so if You know way to translate - enjoy:

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