Another Japanese camo scheme question (Navy fighters)

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Since Eduard brought A6M Zeros back into fashion... (But I loved working on my Hasegawa models :p😁😊)
Maybe a silly question and maybe already asked but I'm wondering what was the real underside color of A6M3/5s from Spring 1943. From this date, new A6Ms manufactured were painted Dark Green (called D1) on uppersurface but has the undersurface been left in Amber-Grey color (J3) or did it change?

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Feb 17, 2008
A good post, Stéph but history on color seems to be being distorted decade by decade.
There was no Amber-Grey as a standard color but Light-Grey for A6Ms.
Japanese postwar kids like me were simply taught Light-Grey for A6M2 and Dark-Green + Light-Grey for A6M5 by veterans.
There was no room for bewilderment.

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