Arado 240

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May 29, 2006
North Carolina
Does anyone have any photos of the cockpit and wheel well interiors for the Arado 240? In particular, am looking for information regarding placement of hydraulic lines, electrical wiring and/or oil lines, as well as instrumentation in the cockpit.

I am building the Revell Ar 240 A-0 and C-0 and trying to verify what the details in the wheel wheels and cockpit represent. Any information would be appreciated.

What a coincidence. I have the same model, along with the same questions. A Google search led me here. This is my very first post to the Forum.

I have no pictures to refer you to, but from what I know about Luftwaffe aircraft, which is precious little:rolleyes:, I can tell you that the cockpit would most likely be painted RLM 66, with RLM 02 wheel wells. The struts would probably be either the same color, or in steel, with bright aluminum oleos. Wheels would be a very dark grey, just a shade lighter than black. As far as camo goes, you could go with the box art scheme, or go with what the Me-110G-4 nightfighters were sporting at the time. Hope this helps you.

Best regards, and happy modeling.

Pete L.
Welcome aboard Pete,

The only pic I could find was from The Luftwaffe Profile Series No 8, Arado 240. I'll keep looking.


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I checked out the Fleugzeug book and the contents appear to be identical to the Schiffer Military book on the Ar 240. Unfortunately the Fleugzeug book is entirely in German except for the picture captions. Sorry. The FleugZeug book doesn't help. Thanks anyway.
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