Armstrong Whitworth Whitley Mks II, III, IV, IVA

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Jan 1, 2006
The empty weight of the Mk V was 19,300lb. What was the weight empty of the Mk II, Mk III, Mk IV and Mk IVA?

The Mk V, with a bomb load of 7,000lb, had a range of 756km. With a 3,000lb bomb load the range was 2,655km. What was the range of the Mk II, Mk III, Mk IV and Mk IVA?


Hi Waken !!!

The powerplant of Whitley Mk.II/III - 2*Armstrong Siddeley Tiger VIII air-cooled radial engines.(other source:Mk.II - AS Tiger IX radial engines)

The empty weight of the Mk.II/III - 15475lbs (7017,9kg)
The range of the Mk.II/III - 1315 miles (2116,2km)

The powerplant of Whitley Mk.IV - 2*Rolls Royce Merlin IV 12 cilinder liquid-cooled in-line engines 1030hp.
The powerplant of Whitley Mk.IVA- 2*RR Merlin X 1145hp in-line engines (other source mentions Pratt Whitney engines)

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That is all now.I'll try to find the rest of info on Mk.IV/IVA.
Thanks again Wurger

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