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Oct 13, 2006
san antonio texas
sorry guys i didn't know where to put this. i thought some of you would might like this, don't know where i got this so i can't credit the author..


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Chr*st, here come the Jersey jokes again! :rolleyes: Didn't we do this in the Accent thread?

As long as NJ insists on making itself the laughing stock of the whole nation - the jokes will be rolling. :lol: I'm done though. I actually just sent my wife and kid back to NJ because her sister just had a baby.
Can't argue there. Its actually a nice place. Ya got beaches and mountains and forests and such but also this nasty bug called people. Man, they're everywhere and no matter how much you raise gas taxes, property taxes, food stuffs, toll roads, garbage pick up or McDonald's prices, they still hang around. :rolleyes:

At least they don't speak french. :lol:

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