Avro Lancaster

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RAF Colonel

Aug 28, 2009
Hi there folks...
I really dont know i this is permitted but.. I saw someone applying for a Grob and thought what the hell! I know of one free Avro Lancaster and its by a David fellow, however this is for 2002, I have 2004 and now need assistance finding a flyable (the 2002 one worked but would not fly!) So if any one can help me I will be for ever grateful!


I am currently in the process of building up my 1940's RAF collection since I have the most of the current service crafts. I have had the peaseure of flying B-17 "Enola Gay" superfortress and the misfortune of flying a badly designed Avro Manchester and feel I am missing something!

Thanks! :salute:



Oct 19, 2009
The Fs2002 Lanc is by Dave Garwood and actually for Fs2002Pro.
As is,it won't run in Fs2004,but there are "fix" patches out there to make it run.
Some are better than others,so it's a matter of trial and error to find the best one.

The best Fs2004 Lanc I know of is PlaneDesign's B.I/B.II/B.III by Eddie Walters.
It's cockpit and all flight testing was done by the chaps that maintain and fly the CWH Lanc in Canada,so it's absolutely
spot on.



Senior Master Sergeant
Dec 5, 2008
Hmmm. is this a secret bomberthat nobody knows about?

Ssssshhh !. Poor chap belongs to the super secret 'Confound and Confuse' wing of the British Army Air Force, a sort of British version of KG200, where not only are the planes flown under different names and configurations, but even the pilots mix their ranks ! :D

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