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    hi there
    i just found this forum and i noticed one of the small pictures probably some signiture picture of yours
    the one with the me-262s i was wondering since its my all time absolute favorite aircraft is there a bigger version of the picture ?
    Beaupower 32, I am writing a book on the 425th NFS. According to your posting you new Maj. Gilly Lewis. I have contacted his daughter and have received all the stories and photographs she has. You made a statement about the Walsh Bash Cannon Ball 3 and 4. I have the history on the his aircraft 1, 2, and 4. Do you have any information on the 3 airplane. All I know is that it was a P-61. I have the histories on all the P-61s built and I can't find any information on the 3 plane. Can you help me. Jerry Moore
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