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Hi everybody!I have a question:how many of you would buy awesome soundpack including A6m5 Zero,f4u,p38,p40,p51,p61,spit,Bf109,pt17,b25,tempest/typhoon,seafury and mosquito.All sounds are from real things and the pack is honed to perfection,and includes versions for cfs2/fs2002 and cfs3.Ther is no shortcuts taken(no shortened startups,shutdowns etc),i am perfectionist in sound stuff!What could be right price for the pack?
Free, I wouldn't and couldn't pay for an addition. Also would it at the least have links to aircraft models to use or would the pack include the aircraft models... Thanks Healz.
I am a new member and I don't mind being brave enough to open on what possibly might be a controversial post. (Lets see how it goes on the click numbers if the mods allow me to keep this post in).

That is a lot of sound Anonymous, and I would for one like to encourage you to develop the sound as a package that I think you should be paid for (and therefore honoured) for making.

I am a senior veteran in years and have seen a lot of sim water under the bridge so to speak, and I have worked in the 'game' business quite with people like EA so I kinda know what I am talking about.

Anonymous is going to spend a lot of time, hard work and effort developing these sounds for something like 14 variations of aircraft. HealzDevo says the pack should include aircraft models and Caboose105 says 'free would be the best thing'. For Caboose105, sure, best would be fine for him. You are entitled to your opinion and hey, I love the odd gift too but something has to change here.

Aces Studios was shut down. Everyone should have seen the signs of this in black and white a long time ago. Sales for FS cannot have been that good or they would have kept FS going. The bean counters at MS are not going to shut down a good thing in a recession. But shut it down they did. Put the addons and support they said they would continue to sell to one side. I know about the plans for those. FS development has been archived and the people who archived it closed the door after them adn turned out the lights. I know one of them. Its over. Gone.

We are in recession and the support of an industry like this might, it just MIGHT bring back the core product leader. It has happened before. But it won't come back if some greedy up every little pack for nothing and give nothing back to create growth for it. You might say the 'free' sites support the hobby along with sites like this. So who pays for the adverts and the time to run those sites? Payware. Paid stuff does. Without it those sites will die and dissappear. Its a delicate balance.

HealzDevo, I bet you bought yourself an expensive PC and the hardware to go with it is not cheap (Best card, top memory etc.) and so don't say you couldn't pay for an addition when you can. Its called supporting our hobby and through the recession we all need to get out there and support our boys just the way we did when there was a war on.

Lets cut out the greed on the 'something for nothing' agenda and respect the work of who are nothing less than heroes in this sim age and support them.

Don't support them and we will lose them (and your hobby) for ever, along with these threads. Because without your support (and that means money) you can say goodbye to the sim hobby just the same as Microsoft did to Aces.

Come on guys, lets all give these developers a break and stop expecting (or pushing them) for stuff for free. Anonymous? I will honour your work and pay for it and thank you for offering to spend all your hard earned time to make it for us honest folk.

To get to the truth of the matter..."If" it is truly a good product people will pay for it...I think that most people on the internet are a little skeptical of "self promoting salesmen". I can't tell you how many times that I have run across sound packs add-on's that where suppose be be "amazing works of original hard work" and they turned out to be cobbled together bits of sound samples from here and their (or ripped off from another game)...

Bottom line is that if the product is good...people will pay a fair price.

p.s. Some people who responded with the glib response of "free" may have been reacting to the "Anonymous" moniker..."Who is this person?" Market research (lol)?
1) Thread is ancient
2) Anonymous is a user who was a member but has since been deleted in one of the forum redesigns due to inactivity
3) This thread is dead and isn't going anywhere
4) This soundpack hasn't happened and isn't going to happen any time soon
5) Yes people will pay if the product is good enough but very few are and people will get a hold of it for free anyway
Isn't going to happen from his points of view, but there is no reason why someone else shouldn't think about it!

Unfortunately as has been pointed out, people will try to get it for free, but it could be protected.

Sad that the pirates are the ones who will eventually kill the hobby with their greed!


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