B-25 Mitchell pilot's manual.

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Great Job on the manual.

The table of contents indicates there is a Section XI- Cold Weather Instructions, with pages 85-86. Those pages are not included in your pdf files.

I am making this manual a Father's Day gift for my Father-in-law who was a B-25 instructor's instructor at Kelly during the War. Any idea where I can get the last few pages?
Instead of double clicking, try right clicking on the link once with your mouse and then choosing "Save Target As..." from the menu.
Smeagol to others, thanks a million for the B-25 Erection and Maintenance manual. I build virtual aircraft for the simulation X-Plane and these manuals have critical information needed to make an accurate flight model. I just joined this forum because I found this file in a google search. I'll be hunting around for more treasure soon. My main interest is the CBI theater and the USAF in the Pacific.

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