B-26 parts ID help

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Feb 5, 2023
I have been detecting on a permission where a B-26 came down in East Sussex near Hailsham piloted by a guy called Kretschmer and was wondering if anyone could help identify some of the parts I'm struggling with especially the plaque and the control arm/lever attached below.


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Other bits we have found include parts of the bomb sight and what appears to be a parachute harness clip

edit: apologies I have just noticed there is a whole section dedicated to parts id could a mod move this post there?


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  • Parachute Harness Clip.jpeg
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other bits include a small piece with a star on and what I think could be the mechanism for securing and releasing the bombs


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Not as versed in parts identification as others here, but I'll dig into my drawing pile to see if I can find that control arm. Have checked most of them, but there's two rolls of smaller parts where it might be hiding. My gut instinct would be one of the linkages from the control pedestal, for throttle, prop governors or mixture. I second your assessment on the bomb release parts, I think they're part of a bomb shackle. As for the star, it will depend on the size but my guess would be that it's the Martin logo from the top turret, as seen here: media-379969.jpg | American Air Museum. It could also be part of a data plate.

Update: Have not been able to find the control arm, but I only have 8 out of 44 rolls of microfilm on the B-26 so it might very well be on any of the other rolls. I no longer think it's part of the throttle quadrant, but am not sure what it could be.
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