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Senior Master Sergeant
Jun 15, 2005
Deep in suburban Surrey
First draft:

I'm going to have to revise the list very soon - I volunteered for something large, and was accepted... I am going to be 'official' from the point of view of the RAF anyway... :)

I proposed that they have my profiles on the the official Royal Air Force site, and they have agreed. It is an honour to be accepted, and I am pretty happy about it... 8)

Of course it will involve quite a lot of effort, but I don't mind that, and the list will change to 99% RAF from now on - there's a lot of history to cover, and the BE2 is just a small start.. :eek: :D

Well, time to crack on and get a machinegun done for this, catch you all later...
Yeah, it is pretty damn cool :D

I'm waiting for another email to see how to proceed, but I have definitely been accepted, so I'm getting on with new projects during this week off...

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