Best Bomber of WW2 Continued

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Mar 16, 2005
no but the lanc did oparate in the maritime patrole role..............

Yes, as did several other aircraft.

As to being designed as a night bomber, since it was a direct adaptation of the Manchester, that is a debatable point, but it did the job very well, and was the airframe that more aircrews were assigned than any other British bomber aircraft.
ok i have the figures for the british heavies, des anyone have the figures for the number of tons dropped per aircraft lost for the american bombers??
there good but out of interest where are they from??

and i'm still after the total number of tons dropped per aircraft lost priciply for th B-17...............
ok a quick calculation using GT's figures shows that the B-17 dropped 96.5 tons of bombs per aircraft lost, the lanc dropped 132 tons per aircraft lost.........
the hally dropped 51 tons per aircraft lost, the stirling 41 tons per aircraft lost, and these figures do not take into account the number of incendiary bombs, of which the lanc dropped a further 51,513,106...............

and GT bombing by night is still dangerous.............

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