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Nov 22, 2009
The Jungles of Canada

And a really good juxtaposition....

LOL. Yep, many out there who can't just let a story be. I think I've blocked most of them so I won't see it coming
Interesting that they acknowledge that the shooter possessed illegally obtained weapons, which is the majority of cases in shootings.

But this bit about the shooter's weapon was classic journalism: "...including some sort of a long-barrelled rifle".
What is an assault weapon? I remember under Canadian law, a Dragunov is classed as an AK which it ain't.

Anyhoo Canadian laws for Canadian people.

This thread will have to translated into French if we want to discuss Canadian laws.
Am I the only one noticing the definition of Assault Rifle keeps changing or is this just in the US?

Do you mean the legal definition, the "definition" used by the media (left, right, and center), or the "definitions" used by marketing?

When they write legal definitions, they're going to try to craft it so they include what military firearms specialists would classify as "assault rifles" or "battle rifles" and their commercial derivatives but exclude semi-automatic rifles with no recent (post-ww2, say) military role. The media is really concerned with the effects of the gun; a rifle used to assault tens of people is an assault[ing] weapon, regardless of how a specialist would classify it. The marketers will use a definition to sell as many as possible.
define types?

I read through part of the list.
you have such things as the
Colt AR-15 competition HBAR commeratative XXXX
and the Colt AR-15 competition HBAR commeratative YYYY.
almost like banning the Ford F-150 pickup in blue and then counting the Ford F-150 in red as a different model.
Maybe listed that way to close as many loopholes as possible ?

"No M'Lud, is not an AK-47 its actually an AK-M"
California's DoJ issued "assault weapon" list is all over the place, too.

A Ruger Mini-14 with a black composite stock is deemed an illegal assault weapon while the Mini-14 with a wood stock is perfectly legal to own...
Maybe listed that way to close as many loopholes as possible ?

"No M'Lud, is not an AK-47 its actually an AK-M"

Perhaps, Connecticut back in the 90s screwed up their assault rifle ban by listing the Colt AR-15 by name (I am seeing a potential problem in Canada here?) and listing a few features.
They did NOT ban any of the AR-15 clones by other manufacturers, Colt took a few weeks, left off the flash hider and stamped new guns as the Colt "Sporter" and left off the AR-15. They were then legal.

However it makes a much more sensational headline to claim 1500 types than saying a few dozen types and their clones/alternative names.

If you try to define "military grade" you are also going to get into a lot of trouble as may of the guns on the list are NOT military grade as they have to be manufactured according to military specs in both materials used and manufacturing processes. They might be better or worse than actual military grade but unless they conform exactly they are not military grade.
BTW back in the 60s/70s the original Colt AR-15s sold to civilians sometimes had military reject parts or reworks in them. My father was a production engineer for Colt at the time.

"Military grade" in headline sure sounds ominous though.
They should also ban those "tactical" beards that a lot of gun nuts seem to wear !
Are they available from the same shops as the weapons and other tough guy type clothing they seem to like wearing ?

Oh god yes. They call them "Operator Beards" and they think it makes them look cool like special ops soldiers. In reality they look ridiculous.
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