Best U.S. Navy Gloss Sea Blue Paint

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My favorite is the old Model Master GSB. Unfortunately out of production now but I have a couple of bottles still in the stash.
Yes thanks for sharing. I have read Dana Bell's take on the different shades of blue, and it seems that the Model Master dark sea blue is more correct for post war FS 15042, which I have used for a Korean War Panther and F4U-4 Corsair. I also used it for a 1944 F2G Corsair which may be incorrect but looked ok to me. Might need a touch of light gray to lighten it a little.
Saw this yesterday but never followed it. Have you been here Dave? US Navy Sea Blue(s)
Geo, Just seeing this now. I missed your post. Yes, I have taken a look. The paint on the FAA Corsair provided in that posting's link is very similar to the Vintage Wings of Canada Corsair. I think a Glossy Sea Blue ANA 623 is the correct WW2 shade per Dana Bell.

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