Best V-bomber

Whats the best V bomber.........

  • Victor

    Votes: 6 10.0%
  • Valiant

    Votes: 7 11.7%
  • Vulcan

    Votes: 47 78.3%

  • Total voters

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my favourite is by far the Vulcan but the best is probably the Victor for the traditional role, but once the RAF realised they'd have to revert to low level bombing the Vulcan gains some ground back...............
no i haven't read it i'm afraid, i would've bought a copy but i'd never get the time to read it all, i have read a few great accounts though, most noteably one in flypast back along, but with this year being the 25th aniversiary no doubt there'll be more to read soon.........
Victor for me, just like the Victor for the traditional role it play`s and love high altitude bomb runs LMAO
yes the victor is the best in that role and probably best overall, although the RAF did realise that they'd have to be going low level at some point, where the Vulcan comes in no.1............
Vulcan for me as it was a great aircraft, and was the only one to drop bombs in anger. Also the delta wings made it aerodynamically sound.
If the Vulcan had not been the best, why was it then the only one to be kept in the bomber role until the end of its career?
because she was better at low level where the RAf realised they'd have to fly as conventional bombers were too easy a target, and the others were finding more use in other areas- the plan was to retire the Vulcan before the Falklands as it was they were retired from the bombing role not long later..........
It's got be the Vulcan considering the length of service. I will always remember being quite amazed as a teenager at an airshow how I could feel the vibrations in my stomach as a Vulcan did a " touch and go ". I remember when one of the early ones flew out to Australia on what was probably a promotional tour, but crashed on its return to the UK - very late fifties I'm guessing.
I think Vulcan also. Mainly because it operated in the Falklands war in the aggressive role. Also it was more stable at low-level and could withstand low-level combat flying better. At high altitude I would probably choose the victor as it was extremely agile and then the valiant.

I'm reading Vulcan 607 at the moment... very interesting. Great book.
Absolutely no contest... The Vulcan wins my vote.

Lowest radar cross-section, greatest versatility, strongest airframe, best chance of survival in a shooting war.

It is also by far the prettiest of the three.. and you know what they say.. what looks right flies right.

Chris Ryan

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