Better Japanese fighters

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R Pope

Senior Airman
Mar 10, 2004
Just came from the Corsair vs. Zero thread, and wondering why the Zero was picked for comparison. How about some thoughts on the N1K2 Shiden, or Ki-61 Hein and the follow-on Ki-100? The last was deemed the best the Americans ever went up against, thankfully the B-29 raids curtailed production.
proberly because the zero was the most widely used against the corsair and data for japaneese planes is extremely hard to come across, you'd struggle to find detialed comparisions with other japaneese aircraft............
Not that hard, you just gotta look...

I was kinda wondering that too, perhaps the Ki-84 should have been used as well.

Either change the Jap plane, or the Yank plane. P-38 vs Zero, P-40 vs Zero, P-39 (Or P-400 as it bacame known there, "A P-40 with a Zero on its tail" :lol: ) vs Zero, F4F, F2A, something like that.
The Ki-84 Vs. Corsair has already been done. LG against me and lanc, on the subject. I concede the Corsair was better for the majority of situations.
You don't remember what you did yesterday, I wouldn't expect you to remember.

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