Bf 109 performance tests here....

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Mar 13, 2005
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I uploaded some flight tests on Bf 109s onto my site, check them out if you are interested in it!

Kurfurst - Your resource on Messerschmitt Bf 109 performance

Material related to Messerschmitt Bf 109E

- Geschwindigkeit Bf 109 V15a. Meßprotokoll vom 26.4.38.
26 April 1938.

- Centre d'Experiences Ariennes Militaires : Rapport sur l'avion Messerschmidt 109.
Spring 1940.

Material related to Messerschmitt Bf 109G

- Messerschmitt AG. Augsburg - Leistungsmessung 109 G mit DB 605 A und DB 601 E.
Versuchs-Bericht Nr. 109 19 L 42. 19
September 1942.

- E`Stelle Rechlin - Kennblatt für Flugzeugmuster Bf 109 G-1 mit Motor DB 605A.
Erprobungsnummer 1586.
Early 1943.

- Messerschmitt AG. Augsburg - Leistungsmessung Me 109 G mit GM 1 - Zusatzeinspritzung.
Versuchs-Bericht Nr. 109 17 L 43.
September 1943.
(Factory performance trials with Bf 109G-3 WNr. 16 261, using GM-1 injection. Results presented were preliminary due to GM-1 system malfunctions during the trials. In German, with English notes.)

Material related to Messerschmitt Bf 109K

- Performance of 8 - 109 K4 and K6 with DB 605 ASCM/DCM. (English translation).
A / IV / 294 / 44
January 1945

Any and all comments and suggestions are welcome !
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Well, we`re closing to 30 000 page loads, and why not celebrate it - yes, another chapter revealed!
Updates are not as frequent as I`d want to, but be sure there`s a good reason for that. Wink
In any case, the new updates of this year and today @ of course : Kurfurst - Your resource on Messerschmitt Bf 109 performance

3 March 2007. ''Suomen Ilmavoimat - Finnish Air Force performance trials with Bf 109 G-2 MT-215.'
25 February 2007. ' Swiss level speed results for Bf 109E-3, WNr. 2404, J-347 with Escher-Wyss and original VDM propellers.'

Come and get it, it`s still warm (final version went up a minute ago).

Wish ya all a good read.

Kurfürst - Your resource site on Bf 109 performance!

Precise to the point and accurate, thats what I like about your work Kurfurst.
Thanks guys ! :D :D

Lots more to come, there are several parellel projects 'under construction', which of course means they're progressing slower - hopefully, all subsystems and main properties of the Bf 109 shall be covered eventually.
Err, where exactly has Kurfurst ever mentioned anything about aryan supremacy ?
Don't feed the troll. That's how he wants to achieve your attention.
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