Bf109E identification?

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Mar 10, 2022

This is a photo I have had for a while without a definitive identification. I have asked elsewhere to no avail. It is an Emil being refueled after returning from a combat flight. It appears that there are three bullet holes in the backside (the fine, stabilizer, and elevator all have one hole). No band on the fuselage and a marking that might be "7+ X". The large X is something I have never seen, only the smaller x inscribed on a circle from LG.2 craft. The location looks like it could be western France.

Does this look familiar to anyone?
Thank you, Ben
I question the "bullet holes". The picture has evidence of dust particles all over it and I'd bet that's what you see.

Very early camo scheme with swastika across rudder hinge would help date the photo. I can only speculate on the X so won't.
I agree with Andy no "bullet holes" just the dust specks. The kind of markings and the camo scheme were used to the winter 1939/1940. So the pic had to be taken before that timeline. Well , any Western France rather. Judging by the shape of the cockpit hood and windscreen that's the E-1 variant. IMHOit is a Bf 109E used for training therefore the "X" marking.

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