Big Hello

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Aug 29, 2006
Northern France
Hi to everyone here...

Like many I'm sure, I've lurked for a while and decided to join.:idea:

My Grandfather was a Bomber Pilot in the Second WW and then went on to train after the war. He retired and spent many hours telling me fascinating and riveting stories of flying and missions during WW2.

Nice to get some replies....

I have quite a bit of memorabilia from Grandfather, pictures and magazines with official flight manuals .... what's the best place to upload them...
Meteors? wow, our air force could use some plane
lol jut kidding (although what i said is 3/4 true)
welcome to the forum, u said u lurked around? i guess you wont be posting repetitive topics many of us here have seen years back

at least ur grandfather was alive at the time u undertood what anyone was saying :(

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