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AAF Forum closure update. Mike Simpson, President of the Heritage League of the Second Air Division has taken on the responsibility of archiving some of this AAF Forum content. Please understand this is not presently a continuation of the AAF Forum simple archiving of some content. The Heritage League "forum" landing page is here Forums - HeritageLeague as might be obvious the 500 series and 800 series bomb groups are not represented. This would omit content from the 509th Composite Group and 801st Carpetbaggers for instance. Frankly with the AAF Forum catastrophic crash in mid 2015 much of this content was already lost (although all this content was reported to be safe on independent servers no actual evidence has been presented that this is still accurate).

The other drawback of this Heritage League "rescue" is that none of the AAF sub-forums such as Heavy Bombers, Medium Bombers, POWs, All hands Club, etc are not included so there remains a considerable amount of missing content/data from the "current" AAF forum which represents the last two years. The continued existent of the pre-2015 crash data/content remains in question, at least to me, and if the "old" forum data and content is included in this data transfer to the Heritage League.

That having been said, hats off to Mike Simpson and the Heritage League having prevented disaster with what would have been complete loss of this AAF WW II content. Mike has posted a message here Data transfer to the Heritage League of the Second Air Division which might be of interest to members here as he is seeking aid with manipulating this massive data transfer. Time is short, only 8 days remain before the lights go out at the AAF Forum.

Happy Thanksgiving Day to all, if that is included in your calendar.

Scott M
My father and my 1st strep-father were with the 509th post war in Roswell, NM.

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