Bristol Blenheim Squadron Identification

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Jul 25, 2004
I was wondering if anyone knows about a Blenheim Squadron in the RAF during WWII- I think its "RX". I tried going on the RAF website and there was nothing there on it. Any Suggestions? :?:
The Squadron Prefix 'RX' was used by No. 25 Squadron from December 1938 - September 1939 while using Blenheims on Nightfighter Duties. The Blenheims were replaced by Beaufighters which began to arrive in October 1940, the last Blenheim left in Janurary 1941. And Mosquitos arrived in August 1942.

I hope that helps.
Yes, that is 25 Sqn.
I'm pretty sure because I'm making a kit of Blenheim Mk.IF in painting of this squadron from Dec 1940.
...what!?! :-s :crazy:


25 Squadron Bristol Blenheim. Prefix 'RX'
Didn't you look at my previous reply either? The history on 25 Squadron, and the link.
The only accident i made in it was the small arrowhead on it- instead of puting it on the tail, i put it underneath the cockpit

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