Bulgarian Aircraft Photos

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Feb 21, 2022
Fargo, ND, USA
I had these photos shipped to me a couple of weeks ago, and recently had them scanned. They caught my eye because they're aircraft you do not see every day. I believe some are press photos. They are of two Bulgarian types, maybe three? I know the first photo is of a Kaproni-Bulgarski KB-11, and the rest are of the DAR 10F I believe, but the last photo attached it stumping me. It looks similar but the wing dihedral seems to be different, I cannot tell if there are horizontal stabilizer struts, and there are no wheel pants. I was wondering if anyone would have any idea if it is a DAR 10 or something else?

Any input would be much appreciated! :)

Sabin 48 006.jpg
Sabin 48 005.jpg
Sabin 48 004.jpg
Sabin 48 002.jpg
Sabin 48 001.jpg
Sabin 48 003.jpg

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