CAF Dallas // B29 Superfortress “FIFI”

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    Meet FIFI… At this time she’s the only flying B29 Superfortress in the WORLD. The B29 is mostly known for delivering their payloads over Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

    The first Dallas CAF World War II Air Expo was held over the first weekend of October 2014. My dashcam would be utterly useless, so I used an aging Sony HDR-CX7 to capture the action. This is the first of a few videos. Expect footage of the B17 Flying Fortress “Texas Raiders”, B25 Mitchell “Yellow Rose” and more!

    Make sure you check out their website at Commemorative Air Force
    They will be based in Dallas, so when this airshow returns I am going to make my best efforts to make it out there again.

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