1. X

    "POPULAR AVIATION" , "FLYING" , "The AIRPLANE" Magazines....

    Is there any philanthropist-collector of any of "POPULAR AVIATION", "FLYING" or "The AIRPLANE" magazines from the early 1920's and onwards who might be kindly disposed to turning a good deed for their fellow aviation enthusiasts and researchers by this means: Firstly, some may know that these...
  2. T

    Gunther Seeger's Friedrich? - help needed please

    Hi all, I wonder whether anybody can help me to identify the aircraft (probably a Bf 109F-2) being flown by Gunther Seeger in Stab./JG2 during late July 1941, please? If it helps, he may have been flying as 'number two' to Walter Oesau during this period. The reason I am looking is that I...
  3. A

    looking to buy 1930's era polish bi plane.

    Hello everyone, just looking to buy a 1930's era bi plane (two seat military trainers etc) etc. At Luskintyre aviation flying museum, NSW, Australia, we have DH Tiger moth's, Boeing Steerman, Yak-52s among others. Being of polish heritage, it would be nice to add to the collection with some...
  4. GregP

    Steve Hinton Flying Paul Allen's Il-2

    Thought this might be interesting: View: Was in 2013.


    With a heavy heart I've just learned that Mike Mangold was killed flying his L39 today at Apple Valley CA. I had an up and down relationship with him but he was a friend and mentor. Blue Skies Mike! Say hello to Bob and Doug for me! :cry:
  6. fastmongrel

    High Flight

    Another film with some great 50s RAF aircraft. Hunters, Venoms, Piston Provosts, Valettas. Lots of flying time. View:
  7. fubar57


    Title says it all...10 Outlandish Early Flying Machines - Listverse Geo
  8. M

    Hurricane has an accident

    View: Published on Oct 6, 2015 After a practice for an airshow known as the Flying Heritage Collection SkyFair, this Hawker Hurricane from the Flying Heritage Collection touched down on runway 16R and lost its right main tire, resulting in quite...
  9. Torch

    Vulcan flying with the Red Arrows.
  10. H

    AVG Hawk-81A-2 colours preview (for flight sim)

    Been reading high and low about exactly what colours were used on those AVG Hawks. I came to the conclusion that it's going to remain one of those mysteries, more or less. The colors here are based one a few colour photo's, actual AVG pilot memories, and some guess work. Opinions would be...
  11. vikingBerserker

    China Gives Solid Gold Medals to 5 Surviving Flying Tigers

    from China Gives Solid Gold Medals to 5 Surviving Flying Tigers | Associated Press | Sep 21, 2015 MONROE, La — China has given solid gold medals to five surviving members of the Flying Tigers, a volunteer fighter group formed in China before the United States entered World War...
  12. T Bolt

    **** FINISHED: 1/48 Republic F-84E Thunderjet – The Jet Age.

    36th Fighter/Bomber Wing, Furstenfieldbruck, Germany 1950-53. User Name: T Bolt Name: Glenn Category: Advanced Kit: Revell F-84E Thunderjet Scale: 1/48th Accessories: SuperScale Decals This Jet was the personal mount of Col. Robert L. Scott when he was the commanding officer of the 36th...
  13. GregP

    Question About Equipment

    Does anyone in here have a file of the dates or months when the various units in the USAAF and USN/USMC converted to what aircraft? If so, I could come up with and post a file that shows the plane they were likely flying when they got whatever victory they got. If not, thanks for reading...
  14. Snautzer01

    Pictorial proof of under age flying in the Luftwaffe

  15. Snautzer01

    Most dangerous channel front interceptor

    Used to hunt pigeons flying from France to England.
  16. J

    Operational US WWII-era flying boats

    Hi, First off forgive me Im not very knowledgeable about this subject, hence this post. Im trying to locate any restored WWII-era flying boats operating here in the US. In other words Im looking for a flying boat that still performs water landings. I understand a few still operates in...
  17. Torch

    Low flying Helo.
  18. Torch

    Low flying SU-25s
  19. Geedee

    Geedee's and Rocketeers Flying Legends 2015

  20. johnbr

    Boeing B-17E Flying Fortress The Dreamboat nose

    Here is a b-17 i have not seen before. During World War II, one of the constant tensions for combat air force leaders was quantity versus quality, usually played out in answering the question of “what modifications produced enough added value they were worth slowing the production line for?”...