Can anyone identify this single propeller high wing plane?

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Jan 11, 2005

I can't figure out the model of this plane. I found the reel in my grandfather's basement. If you know the model and make of this plane, please reply to this thread. Your help is greatly appreciated!!! Thanks in Advance



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Here are a couple of shots of the Aeronca Champ. The one labelled Uncle Paul is actually my cousin, Paul Burch. He was the chief mechanic on the "City of Yuma". He is also one of the gentlemen in the car, handing up supplies and gasoline.

Anyway, both of these shots are the Aeronca Champ. Some of them had the split wing strut like in your pictures, others had a single wing strut, like on City of Yuma. The first shot is the split strut version.


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Actually, it's a Chief, not a Champ. Side-by-side seating, not fore-and-aft. Great little plane!
Good catch RP. And I was mistaken in the identitiy of the City of Yuma (I shoudl know better, my cousin would shame me!), it was an Aeronca Sedan, not a champ. After looking a bit at the Aeronca models, it's definitely a Chief, possibly a super chief, the do look the same, basically.

Warbirguy, do you know where the film was shot?
Evanglider--the one labelled "Uncle Paul" is a Sedan, too. That's the only Airknocker that had single struts. Metal wing, four seats, six-cylinder engine. A buddy had one a few years back.

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