Canada seeks to join non-nuclear pillar of AUKUS alliance

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Thyssenkrupp can publish all the self serving press releases they want, but I believe their small 56 meter, 1,500 ton (surfaced) boats are more suited to the Baltic or Med than the three oceans Canada must patrol. The Type 212 is significantly smaller than the RCN's current 70 meter, 2,400 ton Victoria class.

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OK - so how about a Canadian version of Thyssenkrupp's U218SG?

1 completed, 2 scheduled for completion this year, and 1 scheduled for completion in 2024 for Singapore.

Displacement 2,000 t (2,000 long tons) Surfaced; 2,200 t (2,200 long tons) Submerged.

Endurance 28–42 days (4-6 weeks) days underwater, without snorkeling (thanks to AIP).
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I remember hearing somewhere that the USSR during the Cold War had Brazil as being on the target list because it was allied to the US and had some ports that we could conceivably use. Based on that logic, wouldn't having every nation on the list build a nuclear weapon to ensure that whoever nukes them dies?
Pillar 2 of AUKUS is potentially more interesting:

That's definitely the point here. Having the same weapons systems etc between countries is big advantage. If one country comes up
with a good upgrade the others get it too.

Maintenance facilities in different countries being able to service each others systems gives a spread of locations rather than having to send
everything over long distances.

Australia now has facilities to refurbish Abrams tank engines instead of the months of turnaround required to use US facilities. The engine
sensor systems added in Australia let maintenance crews know how the mechanicals are going at all times, rather than waiting until something
cacks itself. This system is easily added to US models thus enhancing them too. Similar adds would occur for the submarine fleet under the
AUKUS agreement.
Canada not likely to be invited. Ignoring defence spending has consequences.


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