Russian AN-124 Seized by Canada

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May 30, 2011
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From Avweb:
Russia says diplomatic relations with Canada are "on the verge of being severed" after the Canadian government seized an An-124 cargo plane that has been stranded in Toronto for more than a year. The government intends to hand the massive aircraft over to Ukraine after it was unable to leave Canada because of a flight ban imposed over the Russian invasion of Ukraine. "We perceive this act as cynical and shameless theft," Russia's foreign ministry said in a statement Tuesday.

The aircraft, owned by cargo airline Volga Dneper, flew from Anchorage to Toronto on the night of the invasion. It was carrying COVID-19 test kits. By the time it landed, Canada had imposed a ban on the operation of Russian aircraft in its airspace. It has since languished on ramp at Pearson International Airport next to the main terminal. It has racked up millions of dollars in ramp fees.

The government, with a Cabinet order, ordered the seizure under a recently enacted law that allows the diversion of assets seized from Russia to Ukraine as war reparations. Russia, which re-registered more than 100 Boeing and Airbus airliners owned by Western lease companies after the invasion, was not amused by the Canadian action. "The Russian side warns that the practical implementation of this decision will entail the most serious repercussions for Russian-Canadian relations, which are already on the verge of being severed," the Russian foreign ministry wrote. "We reserve the right to retaliate in line with the reciprocity principle."

Screenshot 2023-06-15 at 09-00-29 Russia Threatens To Cancel Relations With Canada Over Plane ...png
Years ago I saw one of those at O'Hair International Airport. I was there building a Taxiway next to 27L when it took off right next to me, but that was on the third attempt. It would come screaming down the runway before putting on the breaks and heading back to the start of the runway to try again, and then again, before finally making it in the air on the third attempt.
You couldn't pay me enough to take a ride on one of those whales.
probably not but the Ukrainians should have sufficient engineers/mechanics and spare parts to get it back to working condition
Interesting little story about the commercial use of the AN-124 that occurred while I was at the Pentagon. We had a contractor that was going to refurbish and modify the USAF Indian Ocean Tracking Station. This required not only working on the existing station but setting up a temporary one to cover tracking requirements while the main station was down. We got a request for a child who wanted a tour of the AN-124 at Moffett NAS. "WHAT AN-124?" Turned out the contractor had found that transporting the equipment would require a C-5 and a C-141 or just one AN-124, which was cheaper. One of the kids of the contractor had found out about it and wanted a tour. We realized that it might look a little funny for the USAF to hire an AN-124 but finally decided it just made sense from the taxpayer perspective. And the kid did not get a tour.
That's where those big birds excel (or on case of the An 225 excelled) - huge load capacity (both size and weight) for a good price

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