Russian Air Industry

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Aug 21, 2016
Here's an interesting video on the status of the Russian air industry. The interviewee notes some systemic problems (some of which are not unique to Russia, such as the manufacturers laying off senior employees to trim costs.)

We've been told that they're using missiles because of the advanced air defenses the West has sent over, but that may not be the full story. Given that the points made are all true (and I don't have any reason to dispute that), the main reason that the Russians are relying more and more on missiles and drones in their war on Ukraine may be strictly to save money. If so, it would be a long term decision on their part, and NATO should adjust their strategies to counteract this altered threat.
I think the issue with air defenses in Ukraine is actually mainly the Soviet designed S-200, S-300 etc. systems which are quite lethal to aircraft unless suppressed. The Russians have the more sophisticated S-400 and the Pantsir. All of these are pretty effective and this means that the whole battlefield above Ukraine and the contested areas is very dangerous for any kind of aircraft, with the possible exception of stealth types.

I don't think Patriot etc. will really make that much difference, though the Norwegian NASAMS and the Italian Aspide may help a good bit.

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