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Jul 17, 2022
Hi Gentlemen! I am reaching out to you guys today to see if anyone has any info on CASU 60 or maybe the history on a man named Henry Carlton Moore. I am asking because I am a ww2 Firearms collector/ Machine gun collector. I recently acquired a Fully Transferable Japanese type 96 Light machine gun that was purportedly taken off Guadalcanal. I have the gun and a copy of the letter, sadly it doesn't list the serial number however doing the research I have done so far, one of the Ex owners of this gun lived in Nashville TN, and the previous owner before that lived In Nashville and finally so did Henry, I have no doubt this gun was sold in Nashville the few times and the 70 years it was there, before it finally made its way to me in Maine. I am trying to keep Henrys story alive with this gun, and trying to get concrete evidence that it could have come off Guadalcanal. I know I most likely won't find a picture of him with the gun, but Im trying to confirm if Henry was stationed in CASU 60 on Guadalcanal or if he was part of for example CASU 11, As I saw that CASU 11 was stationed on Guadalcanal. He enlisted on July 5th 1943 and was discharged in 1946. He did retire out of the navy in 1969, as a Chief Petty Officer. I will attach the shipping papers with the the described gun. I hope someone will be able to tell me some history on CASU 60 or Henry Carlton Moore.

Thanks Gage



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Sep 19, 2012
In the unlikely event no one here can help you could try historyhub at for both Henry Carlton Moore and CASU 60. You may strike out but there is a good chance that they can either help straight up or point you in the right direction.

I would also expect the USN to have had an equivalent of the AAFs rosters and morning reports so ask the people at NARA about them for CASU 60 as well.

Can you post any findings from other sources here as I am sure others will be interested.
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