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That is only one part of the major work that Alan Storr did on RAAF WW2 casualties.

See here for full listing of the many parts of the work undertaken and completed:

| The Australian War Memorial

In that listing, in the details for each part of his work, near the bottom is a link to access the pdf copy of each part of the work.

The overall content is drawn from the original records held post war with some additions from other published sources. So in some cases the information only reflects what was known and recorded to a certain point in time. So there are instances where since the original documents were created and the original compilation took place, new material has come to hand, crash sites have been discovered and bodies of previously unidentified aircrew have since been identified, and that is not reflected. So for example, there are some instances of RAAF aircrew in Europe listed in the "Missing with no known grave" section, where crash site and body or burial site has subsequently been found. But this is a very small percentage of instances, so this is a very detailed and accurate summation of RAAF WW2 casualties.

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