Color (present day) video of a 109...

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Loads of good stuff on that site - was looking at it only last night and wondered about telling y'all about it - great minds think alike!

Maybe this vid is the one that has some dispute going on about it being ripped off the magnificient Manfred Posniersk....

I suggest everyone go there as there are some great clips. A lot of it is airliners tho.
Boy that bird just sounds mean. I the squarish canopy gives it kind of a mean look too- :mad: like angry eyes. Awesome vid!
Indeed great vid! There's something about shots taken by Manfred Poznanski. I don't have to think twice.. just download!

Luckely I've lived to see the 100% genuine G6 (Black Six) flying at Duxford before the emergencylanding wich caused it to be on static display ever since :confused:

Superb aircraft!
i love the 109, i mean the engine sounds great, i can hear the whistle, the starting, and it's flying around. wonder if there still are other 109s, or even 190s that can still do that.

greatest video 3V3R!
There are now several restored original 109s flying around. I believe they are working on a Bf-109G-2 and a Bf-109E-7 at the moment.

There is also the Flugwerk Company in Germany that is building Fw-190A and Bf-109s. They have different engiens but are basically the same thing as the orginal.
If anyone happens to be in michigan on august 5 6 you could possibly see one fly at thunder over michigan. I have last years show on DVD and was most impressed by the little fighter. They had it being chased by three very hungry thunderbolts. excellent show.
a 109 and a spit in a dogfight looks like a poor guy trying to rape a beautiful girl, who knows good martial arts XD
Wow! That rocked. Still you can see that REALLY narrow gear in action especially in the first vid as it did the shimmy sham sham down that grass field. Now I see why inexperienced pilots could ground loop the plane. Also, in the first vid, it could have been a field in France in '40. Its always great to see a non-allied plane take to the air. Again kickass.

I think theres an SM.79, possibly some MC.200's and G.50's and maybe a CR.42 but I really dont know, I havent looked...

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