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Oct 2, 2006
In between two French aircraft - we may be getting a VG33 soon, ,BTW - I've been doing this for the Med Air War. Pay no attention to the contrail, this is still WIP.


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I like those 'exotic' birds; I once made a vacuformed kit of this particular PZL P24 of the greek airforce.
I also made a greek campaign for CFS 1, and with a Bf109, those P24s are not that easy to down cos they're very nimble.
Thanks; we'll soon play a Blitzkrieg CFS campaign including Battle of France.
We're starting a whole Euro/North-Africa WWII campaign for CFS1 starting from Spanish Civil War to the fall of Berlin. Such a huge project is feasable with CFS1 as lot of stuff already exists and is rather easy to install.
Looks great Vince57, personally I like this type of unusual craft so will be fun to fly.

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