Corsair F4U-1A

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Jun 15, 2005
Deep in suburban Surrey
Yet another plane - oh well, what did you expect? :p


I have made a poster as well over on my devArt page: WS-Clave on deviantART
Jiminy crickets that is some pretty work. If you don't mind my asking, how
long does it take you to execute one of these images to the point you are
satisifed enough to share with us?
I think it takes 20 - 30 hours for an average one, but I have never really timed it that closely...

Modern jets are worst, just for the amount of missiles, bombs, recon pods etc. etc. but I'm building up a reserve collection of these 'add on' bits, which is making things easier :)


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I would love to see a post sometime of all your armaments, accoutraments, etc that you keep on file to minimize your work, Clave.


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