Crazy's Back!

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He's breeding the race...

...C.C you know the Gestapo are on their way!
I will...then I'll annex Austria...just not on the European scale. I already have my insurgent, lanc in presence.
My SS divisions will storm the rest of Britain.
Scorched earth is our policy, we will give Peckham 3,000,000 pounds worth of improvement.

Why would you want to spend £3,000,000 on improvements on David Beckham for? It's his wife that needs a Face Lift :lol:

Hot Space
Ok, the drug is called spam-up, its an illegal class one drug, if the Admin catch you in possession of it you can get anything from a 2 month to 2 year ban of the site, and I know someone who can get you a batch. PM someone who is known only as "Hot Space" and he will fix you up. But beware, its pricey...
Yuo can never have too much...although a quick trawl through some (most) of my posts would appear to prove that wrong ;)

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