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Jun 4, 2004
Anyone got infoblueprints and images on czechoslovakian aircraft ???????
can't find any..... :( :cry:
This is a list of Czechoslovakian WW2 aircraft

Fighter Aircraft

Avia B.135 # (1 prototype under German control) [3]
Avia B.35 # (2 prototypes under German control) [3]
Avia B.534 (24) [4]
Messerschmitt Bf 109
Bf 109B* (1) [2]
Bf 109D-1* (1) [2]
Bf 109E-1* (2) [2]
Bf 109E-2* (2) [2]
Bf 109E-3* (2) [2]
Bf 109E-4* (17) [2]
Bf 109E-7* (2) [2]
Bf 109G* (2) [2]
Bf 109G-4* (?) [2]
Bf 109G-6* (14) [2]
Bf 109G-12* (?) [2]

Slovakian Aircraft
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Bomber, Ground Attack and Torpedo Aircraft
Avia B.71 (Tupolev SB-2) (1) [2]
Heinkel He 111* (10) [2]
Junkers Ju 87* (5) [2]
Ju 87D-1* (6) [2]
Savoia-Marchetti SM 84* (6) [2]

Slovakian Aircraft
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Transport, Reconnaissiance and Communication Aircraft
Airspeed Envoy* (1) [2]
Caudron C.445 Goeland* (10) [2]
Letov S 328 (?)
Stinson SR-10C Reliant* (1) [2]

Slovakian Aircraft
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Training Aircraft
Avia B.122 (12 total) [1]
Bucker Bu 181 Bestmann* (1) [2]
Gotha Go 145* (30) [2]


Picture of an Avia 135



Avia B.534





I hope this is useful

Tell me what specifically you need, which aircraft, and I will supply you with all pictures I have. There were too many...
yes I'm researching czecoslovakian aircraft can you find me Avia B.534 blueprints???
Hey are u from slovakia?
Yes, I am from Slovakia. Send me an email adres over pm and I will supply you with drawings ;)
I guess you lost interest but I can provide many mega of Czechoslovakina planes... Pre-WWII, WWII, postwar, Cold War, modern, helos, hell I have even some WWI! :D
Hey guys!

Do you have any info about the air raids that hit also Brno (late 1944, 1945)?
I'm interested in any info; units involved, strength, any opposition in the air?

Thanks for any info.
Pozdrawiam Brunner,

I don't have any info straightly out of my head, I can find something though. but not now, as I have really small amount of time to do so, sorry... :(

Try to ask/find in Brno yourself (are you already there?) and if you have some basis, then you can remind me... ;)
Yes, I'm in Brno now and I'll stay here till June 2007. I've been trying to find out something but no results as far.
Thanks a lot - I've just started my Czech language course, so it will be a great exercise for me :)
info is very helpful

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