DGen to be re-done ?? Quite possibly, Yes

Discussion in 'IL-2 Sturmovik Pilot's Lounge' started by wheelsup_cavu, Oct 3, 2011.

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    It seems that after all the waiting for DGen to be updated there is a light at the end of the tunnel.
    The way I read the translated post by Asura at AviaSkins he says that he was able to contact Starshoy or that Starshoy contacted him, depending on the translation site, and Asura has the Source code and is in the process of updating Dgen.
    DGen_mod - AviaSkins.Forums

    Asura seems to be willing to make it mod friendly with the new features he will be adding if the translation is anywhere near correct.
    • Make one version to generate missions for Pacific Fighters and old Forgotten Battles versions ??
    • Ability to add additional aircraft as needed via an editable file (user editable it seems ??)
    • abilitity to add new cards. (Wondering if that means New maps??)
    • then later remove the date restrictions add New countries as needed.
    If this gets finished maybe it's time to start asking for an NGen update too. ;)


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