Douglas B-23 Dragon

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Nov 8, 2005
I just read where the B-23 was considered by Doolittle for the Tokyo raid. Had that plane been used, it may not have been forgotten as it was.
The B-23 had a DC-3 wing and tailplane. It was a docile aircraft but a lot slower amd not as advanced as the B-25. The B-23 couldn't be used becuase of it's wingspan.

Most B-23s were used as trainers or in ASW work. I had an Uncle who flew in B-18s and B-23s, I remember him telling me they were "safe and comfortable."
I think the B-23 may have been the first U.S. plane with a tail gunner position.
Yep - looks like a plain ole DC-3 on steroids...


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Yeah, i dont think it looks too menacing. More like a DC-3 converted in an emergency, and less of a menacing bomber aircraft that would lead the first retalitory strike against the enemy that "un-provekedly" attacked us in port and pearl. Glad we used the B-25

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