download youtube and other videos

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or patricks aviation.

Yahoo video search also allows to download many things, thats where I get most of mine from, though there is lots of stuff on there in crap realplayer format.
You can download free converters from whichever format --> mpeg4. Search for "mpeg4 converters" I guess. Then it transfers rather easily to the ipod i think.
I have a plugin for firefox that lets me do it at a click of a button.
i tested now for a while a jewel of a convertertool ABSILUTELY 100% FREE
witjout any spamwarez,pop-ups or other trashy links involved:

SUPER v2006 build 19 converter

damned fast reliable outputfiles !

my favorite convertions are:

.MP4 > .WMV

glad to have this smal tool at hand :))

P.S.: i have nothing to do with the makers and i am not involved into this software building...i just report this FREE tool works to the other members !
Best technique for me - easy, and simple

I use ZillaTube ( from ZillaTube - The Easiest Way to Download and Convert YouTube Videos ) cause it's very easy to use.

Built-in player for youtube video, mpg,avi,mp4, 3g, mp3, etc Just drop the downloaded files into it, and sit back, and view. Easy. And if you like it, you convert them to good quality videos (support many formats). Do all these with just one program.

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