Duct tape on a plane

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It is not duct tape but rather "speed tape". It is actually allowed to use to make temporary repairs to aircraft, and is allowed by the FAA.

In 2002 though the FAA fined United Airlines for using it improperly. They used the tape on 3 different Boeing 727's and flew them 193 times rather than permanantly fix them. They used the tape to patch holes in in ground spoiler panels. The FAA got them because the holes were larger than allowed.

The FAA allows holes to be repaired by the tape that are 2 inches in diameter and no closer than 3 inches from the edge.
see, a little research into this would've stopped all these idiots on that site believe this stuff blindly!
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It is not used on parts of the aircraft that would be dangerous. The tape is not on there to keep the wing from falling off. If the wing was in danger of falling off, it would not fly. The tape is only used on non critical things.
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At the 1972 winternationals drag race, the "Kuhl Olsen" top fuel car spat two pistons out the side of the crank case, winning the semi final round. With less than an hour to repair and no spare block, two pistons were replaced and tape was liberally applied to said crank case. Mike Kuhl won the next round, the purse, and my respect for really pulling one out of the pisser.

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