Early Spitfire Bracket for "Instrument"

Discussion in 'Technical Requests' started by Tony Hill, Dec 1, 2016.

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    That's the theory I tried to explain in post 34, rather poorly I suppose.
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    Thanks Geo, MiTasol and Andy,

    Ok, starting to see where the confusion is guys....

    That picture is mislabelled. It is of a VERY early Spitfire I (K9787, if memory serves) , not a II despite the caption, I've seen it before with that caption, in at least two places, possibly one copying the other!... firstly, no II had hand pump undercarriage (most "I's" hadn't) . second there are duel fuel gauges, next, there is a Flap Gauge, and lastly, the "knob" on the Landing Lamp Control is a ball, not a rectangular handle...all definitive, early Spitfire I features. I've also never seen a II with the mystery "mounting" or the hole in the panel next to where it sits.

    Now the second photo in Andy's post is a Spitfire II. There is only one fuel gauge (placarded with the "Top tank is not gauged and contains 48 gallons at takeoff..blah blah blah..), the Fuel Pressure Gauge has been removed (common after the installation of a warning light) and just above bottom centre inside the spade grip, you can see the top of the Kygas Primer body and next to it, crucially for the current discussion, the fine line that is the top of the Slow Running Cut-out ring-pull.

    Now, the Ring-pull in full view, that is about an inch higher than where the mystery mount goes and is, in fact, the Breech operation cable for the Coffman Cartridge Starter. Basically, when you have fired the starter and failed to start, you pull that ring to rotate the breech one position and line up a new Cartridge.

    I really appreciate the continued research guys and I'm sorry to keep shooting it down and thereby appearing ungrateful!!! I am anything but!

    Did I mention that I HATE early Spitfires!!!! :) :) :)

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