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The third prototype, L4443, was shipped to Karachi for tropical trials which ran from February to May 1940 and involved cylinder and oil temperature checks with Taurus III and then Mk II engines. There were no overheating problem and the tests were concluded on May 21. It then flew home, reaching Filton on the 29th. To improve handling L4443 featured a revised rudder trim tab with the chord increased by 4in, increasing its area from 0.8 sq.ft to 1.25 sq.ft. This change was incorporated on all Beauforts. all-aero


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As an eBay Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.
As an eBay Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.
I like the forward armament options for the Beaufort, either fixed .303 mg in the wings or twin .303 in the nose.


Did they ever have both mg in the wings AND the nose guns? Would the wing guns be used for keeping AA gunners' heads down on torpedo approach?

The original Beaufort's only had one forward firing Browning 303 in the left wing, the second was added later, and both were fired by the pilot.

Likewise the nose guns on their gimbals were an addition (and fired independently by the navigator) as were the waist guns (one in door way and one in a window added on the right - both fired by the wireless operator). Snautzers post #30 shows the original nose with no guns.

The original Mk1 turret had a single Vickers gas operated gun. These were superseded by the Mk1E turret with two Vickers guns and then by the (earlier) Blenheim turret with two Brownings.

Later RAAF Beaufort's had a gimbal mount in the roof above the doorway giving the wireless operator another gun to fire.

Later RAAF Beauforts were fitted with a 50 cal in each wing but later in the war these were retrofitted with the original 303s for some reason.
I have just scanned some of a friends Beaufort photos - factory and operational. At least one has been posted before and several have watermarks indicating the original sources. A couple are duplicates but came from different size originals.

Instead of posting 36 individual photos I have created a PDF of them.

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