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Mar 26, 2007

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Specification Beaufort I Beaufort VIII
Powerplant Two 1,130 hp Bristol Taurus VI, XII or XVI. Two 1,200 hp Pratt & Whitney Twin Wasp S1C3G
Span 57 ft 10 in
Max Weight 21,230 lb 22,500 lb
Capacity Four crew (pilot, navigator, radio operator, gunner). Later operational aircraft carried six Vickers machine guns (2 in nose, 2 in dorsal turret, 1 in port wing and one pintle mounted to fire laterally from entrance hatch). One 1,650 lb Mk XII 18 inch torpedo or up to 2,000 lb of bombs or mines.
Max Speed 260 mph 265 mph
Range 1,600 miles 1,450 miles
Beaufort I 1,014 built Two Taurus III, or VI, XII or XVI engines.
Beaufort II 415 built Beaufort I with 1,200 hp Twin Wasp engines.
Beaufort IV 1 only One Beaufort II converted to 1,250 Taurus XX engines with four-gun dorsal turret.
Beaufort V to VIII 700 built Australian-built, 520 of these as Beaufort Mk VIII.
Beaufort IX 46 conversions Transport conversions of Mk VIII with seating for nine occupants.
Beaufort Mk.VIII
Australian War Memorial, Canberra. www.awm.gov.au/
Beaufort Mk.VIII
Composite of several RAAF aircraft, displayed as Mk.IIA DD931 at the RAF Museum London. www.rafmuseum.org.uk/london/


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