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458 Bomb Group Horsham St Faiths, England. 200th mission Target Berlin 26-02-1945 Monday

From September 1942 the airfield was used by the USAAF. Groups based here included the 319th Bomb Group, the 56th Fighter Group and the Liberator-equipped 458th Bomb Group, which operated from the airfield from early 1944. Horsham St Faith was handed over to RAF Fighter Command in July 1945, and continued to be used by the RAF well into the Cold War, home to Gloster Meteor jet fighters. The RAF left the airfield in 1967, and the site was redeveloped as an airport: Norwich International. Horsham St Faith | American Air Museum




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Ford B-24H-5-FO 42-52106 (449th BG, 719th BS, *Sunshine*) captured by Luftwaffe at Venegono, Italy Mar 29, 1944. MACR 3715. Flown by Luftwaffe on penetration missions in RAF bomber streams at night in Luftwaffe markings. Shot down by German AAA Apr 6, 1945 on ferry flight from Hildesheim to Bavaria.


That's an unattractive and crude looking conversion.

But are those latch's on the rear section of the nose fairing? Could it be removable for ease of cargo loading/unloading?

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