1. M

    Parts of a B-24

    Hello, I had visited a B-24 crash site in the Austrian Alps. I found some parts and would like to ask if anyone knows anything about the part. Where are they used and what is their function? Thanks, Max
  2. R

    Please help identify grandfather's B-24

    Lieutenant (JG) Rex R Veteto, USNR, my grandfather, served as a Navigator on this B-24. I only ever heard one story about his time over there. He was new to the crew, and untested in the eyes of the others. They flew a mission looking for uboats (over what I'm guessing was the channel). They...
  3. O

    Need Mission Lists For 44th, 93rd, & 389 Bomb Groups

    (Not sure I'm posting in correct forum; moderator please move if necessary) Need 1942-1943 mission lists for the three main 8th Air Force B-24 bomb groups in existence at that time: the 44th, 93rd, and 389th Bomb Groups. Specifically looking for the: date, target, # aircraft, # lost...
  4. fanghawk

    1/48 B-24D Ploesti Raid Decals

    I've got a 1/48 Revell/Monogram B-24D that is on my list for my first shot at modelling a bigger plane. I've loved the B-24 ever since I read "Log of the Liberators" almost 45 years ago and was particularly fascinated by the Ploesti raid (Operation Tidal Wave, 1943). Long story short I'd like...
  5. v2

    Shot Down over Auschwitz

    Not many Americans know the USAAF flew over Auschwitz in WWII. The camp was not bombed, but the IG Farben factory nearby. On the 9/13/44 mission 2 B-24s were shot down, and we will take you to both crash sites and related memorials... Shot Down over Auschwitz - The "Hell's Angels" Aircrew Are...
  6. T

    B-24 Detailed Drawings with Measurements?

    I'm working on a movie and we need to build a replica B-24 cockpit. I'm looking for technical drawings of a B-24 bomber. Ideally, we would love a scale drawing or the plans to include measurements. Thanks!
  7. fubar57


    World War II bomber engine from crash that killed 11 to be recovered near Chilliwack - British Columbia - CBC News Geo
  8. A

    Missing WWII Airmen Finally Accounted For

    Missing WWII Airmen who were shot down over New Guinea Accounted For Glad they are finally home again
  9. daveT

    FW 190 instrument?

    We recently acquired a FW 190 instrument. It was donated by Lt. Colonel Bruce Sooy I need to know more about it. What was it used for? The Col got it after he was released from POW camp on his way home. Story behind it below Lt. Colonel Bruce Sooy and the Windshield This battle-damaged armored...
  10. Snautzer01

    Douglas B-24

  11. E

    Photoshop cut and paste aviation "art"

  12. muggs

    ID needed for hatch

    Hello all, a friend of mine bought the hatch from a peasant who lives near a former B-24 crash site in Romania and claimed it was belonging to that aircraft, we are not able though to positively match it to a B-24 one, so maybe it is of German origin, any ideas ?
  13. Snautzer01

    Consolidated B-24 Liberator crew gear.

  14. Snautzer01

    Consolidated B-24 Liberator landed in foreign

    On 44-04-13, a B-24 coded 42-52567 of the 466 group 787sq flown by Flynn Landed in Dubendorf, Switzerland. I happened frequently that shot up planes landed in neutral lands. However a picture of a police man that arrested the crew and signed the picture of him is a unicum i think.
  15. Snautzer01

    Consolidated B-24 Liberator

    Innocence A-Broad Grp. Sq. Serial, 494 865 44-40733
  16. ColesAircraft

    NEW B-24 H Liberator 'OMIAKINBAK' of the 455th BG / 741st BS in Art

    My client's grandfather was the tail gunner on this aircraft, and commissioned me to paint his machine. My last few commissions have been civil aircraft so I was eager to share a new military piece on WW2A/C.net!
  17. F

    Alternate B-24 Belly Turret?

    Hi. New member, first post. I know that in the Pacific theater some B-24s were armed with a shallow plexigass dish type turret that the gunner presumably fired standing up instead of the retractable ball turret. You can usually tell which B-24s had them by the cut out windows at the sides of...
  18. B-24


    Nose art of B-24 Witchcraft of the Collings Foundation.