Douglas B-24

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Mar 26, 2007
Douglas B-24_01.JPG
It's kind of frustrating trying to ID the Martin B-10 or B-12, because there were slight differences just between the B-10A and intake, antenna array and such.

For example, look at the difference between the cowl intake on your sig and the cowl intake on the B-10 at the NASM. The cowl intake raises above and behind the cowl while the intake in your sig shows the intake laying atop the cowl itself.

The intake shown in schnautzer's photo looks to be a bit smaller and angular than the B-10 at the NASM although it is situated behind and above the cowl.
The "B-10" at the NMUSAF is not a true B-10, it actually is a Martin 139WAN (Argentinian Navy) that was fixed up to resemble one. It actually is supposed to be a replica of one of the ones used in the Alaskan Flight (like my signature picture) but there were a few differences, such as the scoop. Her is a close up of the one at the museum:


You were spot on about one of the easiest ways to tell them apart is the exhaust. Even a number of pictures in the archives were mislabeled. The safest way I have been doing it is the aircraft number itself.
Guys: first I really appreciate comments on the pics i find

Second: plse remember i (mostly) post the type name of the picture as it has been named. I am sure an admin could and should edit when consensus of type has been established. I would like that.

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