NEW B-24 H Liberator 'OMIAKINBAK' of the 455th BG / 741st BS in Art

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My client's grandfather was the tail gunner on this aircraft, and commissioned me to paint his machine. My last few commissions have been civil aircraft so I was eager to share a new military piece on WW2A/!

Oh this is awesome!
The B-24 is my favorite ww2 bomber, especially because its aesthetics..
Thanks, all!

The red line is a mystery to me, too. But not only is it on this aircraft, but 'Dazzlin' Dutchess', another 455th BG a/c of the 740th BS, has it as well and in exactly the same spot.
Looks like a nose gear towbar limit line to me.

OP, my Grandfather flew in the 455th BG, 741st Sqdn (38 missions). My avatar is the 741st "Vulgar Vultures" (green bomb). Would you be willing to paint a few more B-24's? One is OD Green and the other is natural aluminum with my Grandmother emblazoned on the side!

I have all the technical info to include tail numbers and pictures. PM me if you're interested.

I have "OHMIAKINBAK" as my FaceBook wall picture by the way!
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