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This aircraft is a He111H-1 VIP transport, namely the aircraft VIP General Weise, Wr.5113, commander of the 11th Panzer Division. It was captured August 28, 1944, and was paid in early 1945 Dor Group (GB 1/31 Aunis) who used especially the Ju88A-4. For all we know it was never armed and used only for connecting flights, mostly flown by the commander Dor itself. This aircraft had three major periods.

1. From August 44 to March 45: He kept his German camouflage surlequel were applied roundels and black and white stripes of recognition.
2. In March 45 arrival at Cazaux, he was repainted light beige with red propeller spinners. It is from that moment he was called "the Pinasse" by mechanics, a pinnace is a small boat of the Bordeaux region.
3. In 1946 he was sent to the Paris area and was completely painted green. It was finally dismantled in 1949
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KG53, Radom 1944 A1+MP

He111_36_KG53 Radom 1944.JPG

From Luftwaffe Airfields 1935-1945, the incredible work of Henry L. deZeng IV

(POL) (a.k.a. Radom-Piastów, Wsola) (51 28 50 N – 21 06 40 E)
: operational airfield (Einsatzhafen) in central Poland 97 km S of Warsaw; airfield
9-10 km NW of Radom.
: pre-war airfield of the Polish Air Force. Considerable
improvements under the Germans from 1940-44.
Surface and Dimensions
: grass surface on clay subsoil that in1940 measured 1050 x 950
meters. By Jun 44, the landing area had been expanded to approx. 1390 x 1170 meters
(1520 x 1280 yards). No paved runway.
: full service and support facilities
were available and it had a barracks area.
: had extensively organized dispersal
areas by mid-1944

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