Email Address Change

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Vic Balshaw

Major General
Jul 20, 2009
I recently changed my email address under my account details but am still getting notifications via my old email address. How can I rectify this as the old email account is about to be shut down. :D
Actually it wasn't needed. Just the forum system requires some time for the email verification. I checked on that a while ago and it was valid.
I did change the email about 2 weeks back, but as of this mornings "The Last Weeks Popular Topics" email still came to the old address. :D
I noticed that. You replaced the old address with the new one on 25th August. And it became valid on that day. If there is not any changing please let me know. Possible the delivering system didn't reset the address and still remembers the old one.
OK. I sent it as a test. Now let's see if other info from our site may come like it was with the old address.

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