Enter the Dragons - new oil

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Airman 1st Class
Here's a small piece I finished about a month ago. Finally got around to scanning it this morning while I had the scanner up and humming for other work.


"Enter the Dragons"
8.25 x 11
Oil on panel

Love it! P-38s with sharks mouths get me all excited. How much does a piece like this usually go for?

Busy days 'round here! Here's a couple of WIP snaps of the full-sized version of "Twin-Tailed Dragons", a 24 x 32 commissioned piece in oil.

This one is shaping up to be my best work ever, I think, mainly because this plane has so many complicated shapes within shapes, and I'm taking care to add all the subtle nuances of color and tone - most of which can't be seen with these handheld shots, of course. They're really bringing it to life.

I'm saving the cockpit area as a treat for myself till after I get the green dragons on the engines done.

Notice the two smaller '38s in the distance.




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